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Q: What is the difference between natural glucosamine versus synthetic glucosamine?

A: The absorption rate of natural glucosamine is over 95% and does not create the side effects synthetic glucosamine could. Synthetic glucosamine has a very low absorption rate and can harm organs. Other components contained in EVA help the glucosamine absorb into your pet as well as supporting organ function.

Q: How much Super Dog do I feed my dog?

A: Please refer to the feeding guideline on our website. If you are still unsure, you can email us at

Q: Why is Super Dog considered to be a “Functional Supplement”?

A: The ingredients of Super Dog help with the organ functions (kidney, liver, heart, brain, skin, intestines, digestion ect) of the dog. The ingredients contained in Super Dog supplement the dog`s daily requirements. Just like humans take supplements for their daily needs, dogs can do the same thing with Super Dog.

Q: Can my dog overdose on Super Dog?

A: Response from customers have stated that when a dog has consumed an entire bag of Super Dog there have been no side effects.

Q: Where do the ingredients from Super Dog come from?

A: 90% of the ingredients are made in Canada and 10% are made in the USA. All the ingredients come from high quality standard facilities.

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