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A few weeks ago I was introduced to Super Dog treats at the Edmonton Sportsman’s Show. A sample of 3 treats was in a bag stapled to an information card. When I brought the treats home, the important thing was whether my dog would eat them. He is a small eight-pound Yorkshire Terrier-cross, and small dogs can be picky. He enjoyed his treat and came back for more, and since I had not read the label explaining small dogs should have one a day, I fed him the second treat. The next morning he was bouncing around like a puppy, and I thought he must be enjoying spring! He is thirteen and a half years old, and hasn’t bounced like that for a while. When I fed him his third treat, I looked at the label, and that’s when I realized he must have been suffering from joint pain. The elk velvet has restored some of the spring in his step, and he is enjoying the treat without knowing it is medicinal for him. Thank you for adding new quality to his life!

Shelly B.

Cold Lake, AB

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